Slave Lake, Alberta

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City Profile & Statistics

The Slave Lake Region includes of the Town of Slave Lake, Municipal District of Lesser Slave River, and the Sawridge First Nation. This region spans over 10,000 square kilometres, and consists of Alberta’s 6th largest Provincial Park — Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park, and Canada’s northernmost bird observatory and migration monitoring facility. One of Slave Lake’s top industries is oil and gas. The region struck oil in 1964, and attracted many entrepreneurs and opportunists, leading to a population jump and its transformation into a town. In present day with its continuous activity in oil and gas, and wood products industries, the Slave Lake Town now has a population of 6,782 people, and a total of over 10,000 people in the region.

There is a vast array of recreational activities for all seasons. Devonshire Beach, located within Lesser Slave Lake Provincial Park, has white sands and open waters for swimming, fishing, hikes, picnics, and volleyball. Other summer recreational activities include golfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, water skiing, and much more. During the winter time, families can enjoy outdoor skating at one of the three skating rinks in Slave Lake, as well as friendly hockey matches between neighbours. Other popular activities are snowshoeing, winter fishing, and hunting.

Slave Lake has a fully-developed transportation system, including access to air, rail, and highway systems. The region has its own airport, the Slave Lake Airport, and is also 275 kilometres away from the Edmonton International Airport. Slave Lake also offers convenient bus and taxi services.

Population: 6,782

257 kilometres northwest of Edmonton, Alberta

194 kilometres northeast of Whitecourt, Alberta

January Average Temperature: -14.9° Celsius

July Average Temperature: 15.6° Celsius

Education: 5 Primary and Secondary Schools, and 1 Post-Secondary Institution

Top Industries: Mining, Oil and Gas Extraction, Construction, and Retail

Major Local Events: Frost Fest, The Songbird Festival, Slave Lake Riverboat Daze, Widewater Sports Days, and The Flatbush Festival

Cost of Living: Low, Affordable

Closest Airport: Slave Lake Airport


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