High Level, Alberta

High Level, Alberta

City Profile & Statistics

Located in Northern Alberta, High Level attracts visitors from around the globe due to its stunning landscapes and breathtaking views of the Northern Lights. From hunting, to golfing, to live music, High Level hosts many fun activities for its locals and visitors.

As for its industries, High Level has one of the most northern lands suited for agriculture in all of Canada. As a result, agriculture, along with oil and gas, and forestry industries make High Level a booming town for employment. With over 300 businesses operating in High Level, there are many opportunities for business, industry and investment.

  Population: 3,641

 733 kilometres north of Edmonton, Alberta

 725 kilometres south of Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

 January Average Temperature: -21.6° Celsius

 July Average Temperature: 16.2° Celsius

 Education: 4 Public Schools and 1 Private School

 Top Industries: Forestry, Oil and Gas, Agriculture

 Major Local Events: High Level Rodeo, Winterfest, Midnight Golf Tournament

 Cost of Living: Low

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