Operations Division

The Operations division at Impact Recruitment works closely with Manufacturing, Forestry, Oil & Gas, and Mining companies across Western Canada. This group specializes in placing experienced Certified Candidates® in any location, frequently managing engagements that require a candidate to relocate to a new town or city. Partnering with the top schools in the industry and maintaining contact with training authorities gives this group the distinct advantage of being highly connected to the future of the industry. Thinking about your succession plan or the growth of your business? This is the team to talk to.


The Operations Division of Impact Recruitment places Certified Candidates® with top tier companies across Western Canada every day. We are the trusted source for industrial positions, from skilled trades to plant and operations management, and all roles within a branch or industrial head-office. We work hard to source and professionally screen the absolute best talent, and we partner with firms to place or relocate high-value candidates in townships or cities across Canada. We also offer multi-role recruitment plans for firms ramping-up projects or winding-down projects. If you need to hire exceptional operations personnel, get in touch with us today to learn how we can help.

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  • Expansion & Large Projects

    Going through a growth phase or opening a new location? We can help you hire multiple positions in all your locations with our dedicated project team. Learn more about our services here.

  • Relocation Information

    Have various locations of operations? We specialize in learning about your cities and towns to explain the benefits to top candidates. Find out more about relocation here.

  • Travel Arrangements

    We partner with your team to make the hiring process as smooth as possible. We will take on the work of arranging travel for your candidates so your team can stay focused.


At Impact Recruitment, we partner with your organization with a long-term focus in mind.  Our core roles are a focal point for continuous recruitment and network expansion.  We work hard to engage these professionals – even when you are not actively hiring – so we are ready to meet your needs when you are growing.

If your Operations Department is hiring for something unique and specific, we will work with your team to ensure your needs are met.  We are always open to working with you on the most challenging roles, and the most specific positions you need to fill.

Skilled Trades


 Industrial Electrician

 Heavy Duty Mechanic

 Power Engineer

 Maintenance Supervisor

 Production Supervisor

 Instrumentation Mechanic

 Quality Control Coordinator/Supervisor



Industrial Management

 Plant Manager

 Maintenance Planner

 Maintenance Supervisor


 Safety Technician

 Environmental Technician/Manager

 Maintenance Manager (Forestry)

 Maintenance Superintendent

 Quality Control Manager

 Finishing/Planer Superintendent


 Mining Engineer

 Maintenance Manager

 Mine Manager

 General Manager



 Resource Geologist

 VP Exploration

 Mine Site Safety

 Mining Executives

Civil/ Structural Engineer

Mechanical Engineer


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