Mackenzie, British Columbia

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From mountain biking to ice fishing, there is always something to do in Mackenzie year round. Located within the Rocky Mountain Trench, Mackenzie is quickly becoming a great tourist destination. If you are not much of an outdoors person, Mackenzie also has many great recreation facilities and year-round events that are fun for the whole family. Also, Mackenzie is home to the largest tree crusher on the planet!

Population: 4,539

312 kilometres southwest of Fort St. John, British Columbia

184 kilometres north of Prince George, British Columbia

January Average Temperature: -7.3° Celsius

July Average Temperature: 21.9° Celsius

Education: 1 Elementary and 1 Secondary School

Top Industries: Forestry, Mining, and Tourism

Major Local Events: Annual Figure Skating Showcase, Summer Solstice Celebration, Cabin Fever Carnival

Cost of Living: Low, affordable

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