As Western Canada’s top Multi-Disciplinary Recruitment Firm, Impact Recruitment is the ideal partner for your career search. We work with top candidates and top organizations – and we want one of those candidates to be you.

Regardless of your industry, position, or specialization, Impact Recruitment has the relationships to help you discover rewarding new opportunities. When you choose to partner with us, you gain a team of professionals that is dedicated to finding you the right opportunity to grow your career.

There are many benefits to working with Impact Recruitment and zero risk or fees. We keep all search efforts and information completely confidential. Call us today to get started on your career search, and we will let you know when your dream job becomes available.

Why Work With Impact?

  • Time

    You know the old saying: Finding a Job is a Full-Time Job. When you choose to work with Impact Recruitment in your search, you are not alone in trying to source the right career opportunity. Our team is constantly sourcing new opportunities, and once you are registered with us, we will always consider you first. Recruitment is our full-time job.  Let us do the work for you.

  • Exclusive Jobs

    Our relationships with amazing organizations can expose you to positions that other job-seekers won’t find. From international companies expanding into Canada, to large organizations planning for huge growth, we have the relationships to get you in front of hiring managers before they even post their jobs.

  • Certified Candidate

    Our Certified Candidate® System was designed to help streamline the recruitment process for our clients by keeping things simple. When our clients meet you as  a Certified Candidate®, they are confident that you are the best possible match.

  • Interview Preparation

    When we send you to meet an employer, we make sure you understand everything there is to know about the company, the culture and the opportunity. We know our clients and who they want to hire. When you work with Impact Recruitment you can feel confident that you are going into your meeting with the best possible information and a competitive advantage over other candidates.

  • Proactive Approach

    We don’t meet you for a job, we meet you to create a lasting partnership. Timing is a very important part of any job search, and even though the ideal opportunity might not be available today, you will be our first call when it comes available. With our proactive approach, you can rest assured that we are keeping an eye out for your ideal opportunity – even when you are not.

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As a Certified Candidate® our clients will view you with confidence. Our top-notch screening process helps us to better match your skills and experience to any employer’s needs, allowing you to focus on fit in an interview instead of basic details. Our commitment to quality means we only send a handful of candidates to any opportunity. When you are presented as a Certified Candidate® you can feel confident that you have our full support.

Give your job search an edge. Work with Impact Recruitment and become a Certified Candidate today!


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