Mt. Pope, Fort St. James

City Profile & Statistics

Fort St. James is a charming district located between the Rocky and Coastal Mountains of British Columbia, carrying an abundance of history. Formerly, it was one of the first fur trading posts built in the province. In present day, Fort St. James is known for its geographic icons of Stuart lake and Mount Pope. Many of the town’s recreational activities in the summer focuses around Stuart Lake, including boating, swimming, wakeboarding, fishing, etc. Biking and hiking are also popular summer activities given the beautiful landscape. You can also wind down the day by enjoying its natural hot springs, or ordering a pint of premium craft beer in a local brew pub. In terms of climate, you can expect to enjoy hot summers and mild winters. Fort St. James is easily accessible by road and by private planes. The central part of town can be easily walked.

Population: 4,757

342 kilometres southwest of Mackenzie, British Columbia

160 kilometres northwest of Prince George, British Columbia

January Average Temperature: -8.6° Celsius

July Average Temperature: 14.6° Celsius

Education: 3 Elementary Schools, a High School, an Adult Education Centre, and a College

Top Industries: Mining/ Mineral Exploration, Forestry, Agriculture, and Tourism

Major Local Events: Murray Ridge’s Slush Cup & Bathtub Race, Stuart Lake Fishing Derby, and the Cottonwood Music Festival

Closest Airport: Prince George Airport

Cost of Living: Low, Affordable


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