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About Impact

Impact Recruitment is a full-service recruitment firm dedicated to connecting the highest quality candidates with the top employers across Canada. Our Certified CandidateTMSystem is the most comprehensive and effective candidate-employer matching system in the market today.

Impact Recruitment offers organizations a single point of contact to keep the recruitment process simple. Utilizing our Certified CandidateTMSystem we are able to staff every permanent position in a mid-sized ...

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"I recommend working with Impact.  I can guarantee that they can make your job search journey smooth.  The staff are very professional, approachable and encouraging.  I have worked with several other recruiting companies and have noticed that some are not as open and encouraging as Impact.  I felt very comfortable discussing my professional goals and compensation needs with them.

My experience working with Impact was phenomenal.  Impact opened new doors for my career advancement and showed me a path that I felt very comfortable taking with their help and support.  The staff takes the time to understand the needs of both candidates and clients very well before making a match.  Impact helped me find my current role 11 months ago, and I am very happy with where I am!"

Dilshad Aulakh | Coastal Pacific Xpress